From the first time I saw a drumline perform live I was hooked. Since then, marching music has been one of my passions. Whether it be marching band, DCI, or WGI, the marching arts have something special about them that fuels my creativity.
​Unfortunately, throughout my years of marching and teaching I have seen too many individuals and ensembles fail to reach their potential due to a lack of physical preparation. Deconditioning, injury, and poor health choices are often to blame. This is not due to the fault of the musicians as much as it is a lack of education and proper planning for the season.
​Seeing this drove me to pursue my Doctor of Physical Therapy. Now I can give back to the musical activity that has given my life so much joy. By being educated on how you should prepare your mind and body for performance, you can achieve a healthier version of yourself. Thank you for joining me on this journey to transforming the marching arts.

Elliot, Owner of Marching Health