Marching Bands: “The 15-Minute Marching Band Workout”

This is for the band director who is tired of seeing students sitting on the sidelines during rehearsal due to fatigue and injury, and is fed up with the band sounding weaker as the show goes on. “The 15-Minute Marching Band Workout” was designed during our years working with Band of America Grand Nationals Finalist Wando High School Marching Band, and it is the ONLY workout program specific to developing the skills your marching band students need to perform to their potential. It’s currently helped transform over 60 marching bands from coast to coast. You’re next!

WGI: “The WGI Workout”

Does a color guard show require the same demands as an indoor drumline show? NO! There are MASSIVE differences in how winter guards, winter drumlines, and indoor winds need to train for these performances. If you’re tired of your color guard members all requiring knee braces and kinesiotape to perform, then it’s time to do something about it! Do you want your drumline to move better with their drums? Let’s work on it!

DCI: “The Ultimate Drum Corps Workout”

Unlock the preseason and summer training secrets used by Bluecoats and Carolina Crown! Champions are made in the winter months. Our program is designed to begin in January knowing where the performers need to be by August. This is only for the drum corps that is serious about mitigating spring training injuries and improving the health and wellness of their membership for the entire summer.