How To Not Skip a Workout (Even When You Want To)

Band and drum corps students are busier than ever. Day after day is filled to the brim with classes, work, rehearsal, homework, lessons, and more. As the Spring season quickly approaches, it’s quickly becoming time to add physical fitness and preparation to the calendar.

I was recently posed this question by a member of the Madison Scouts: “How do you deal with wanting to skip your workout because you had a long day?”

Literally everyone faces this issue at one point or another. It is so tough to find the energy to get sweaty when you’ve been physically or emotionally exhausting yourself in other areas of your life. Unfortunately, health and fitness aren’t something you can “cram” for. It takes time and consistent dedication in order to meet your goals.

Here are a list of ways to combat wanting to skip and get yourself working out

1. Evaluate your workout.

Are you avoiding working out because you hate what you’re doing? If you don’t like running, don’t make yourself run. Are you supposed to work out at a gym, but the gym is 20 minutes away? Try an at home workout instead. It’s SO much easier to workout if you’re doing something you enjoy.

2. Shake up your schedule.

If it doesn’t seem like there are enough minutes in the day, think realistically. When is the best time for you to work out? Workout over your lunch break? Stop by a park to jog on your way home from school? Ever tried working out at 6am? 10pm? Experiment with your schedule to find the time that works best for you.


If you were supposed to run 3 miles, but are having a bad mental health day and can’t get yourself out the door, decide to do something. Running a 1/2 mile or doing 10 minutes of yoga is always better than doing nothing at all.

4. Get yourself some fun workout gear!

If you can, splurge on some fun socks! New shorts! The Couchmen’s newest donut shirt! Find an outfit that makes you excited to put it on and get out the door. Research has shown that you are more likely to go workout if you are wearing workout clothes!

5. Get yourself an partner to hold you accountable.

Find a family member, friend, or fellow ensemble member who is willing to hold you accountable for working toward your fitness goals. Tell them your schedule, and have them call or text you to remind you to work out, or even call you to work out at the same time. FaceTime planking contest, anyone?

6. Inspire yourself

Find a positive quote, saying, meme, etc. It should be something that you believe in that can drive you to get up and get out there when nothing else will. Write it down and keep it anywhere that you need to, maybe in your phone or on a post-it note. When you’re feeling like you just don’t want to, pull it out and read it as you lace up your gym shoes.

7. Commit

Feeling uninspired? Try this: “MOTIVATION is the desire to do something, but COMMITMENT is the decision to act on what motivates me. I am motivated to become my best self, and I am committed to doing this workout in order to work towards my goal.”

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