WGI Bootcamp: How to Get In Shape for WGI

It’s that time of the year – WGI season is starting!! As you’re leaving your audition camp you quickly realize how intense WGI can be-and how you need to start working on getting in shape immediately. Maybe you’ve come to the conclusion that running for 30 minutes straight just isn’t your thing, but you do it anyways to prepare yourself for the season. If this sounds like you, check out these ideas on other ways to get yourself in shape for WGI!


I know, I know-the last thing you want to do is drag yourself outside and run a couple miles (although that isn’t a bad idea), but there are plenty of other options for you to get a worthwhile cardio workout in! While running/swimming/cycling/etc. are great cardio exercises, there are some cardio workout options that aren’t quite so endurance-based. Here are few exercises you could try instead!

1. Jump Rope

If you want an exercise that will get your heart rate up pretty quickly, jumping rope is for you! Even if you don’t have an actual jump rope, just fake it-the movement will get you sweating in no time.

2. Boxing

Boxing is great because your entire body is constantly moving. You’re shuffling your feet around, holding your arms up, and using quick movements to punch. Look into finding a boxing class/gym or getting a friend to help teach you!

3. Dancing

I will always, always recommend dancing as means of both a workout AND a way to prepare for WGI. Not only does dancing involve the movement of your entire body, it can help tone and strengthen important muscles for marching such as quads, hamstrings, and abdominals. Dance will help improve your flexibility and coordination while simultaneously getting your heart rate up.

Another great thing about using dance as a way to get in shape for WGI is how it directly correlates to what you’re about to be doing for the next 6 months. Working on how to control your body movements and execute choreography without injuring yourself is going to benefit you whether you’re spending your season doing color guard, percussion, winds, or a movement line. A lot is going to be asked of your body during this time and knowing how to properly engage/release certain muscles will help you not only understand your body better but also help you to protect it.

HIIT Exercises

High Intensity Interval Training-or HIIT-is a type of exercise that involves pushing your body to its limits for a short amount of time (anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes) then cooling your body down with a low-intensity exercise. You then switch back and forth between high and low intensity sessions for a few cycles. The high intensity part of the workout increases the need for oxygen in your body and leads to something called Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) which leads to fat burning. This way you can still put in the effort you would for a long workout while saving some time! There are thousands of options for different types of HIIT workouts that can be done anywhere-find ones that you enjoy and use them to your advantage!

Eat Healthy

All these exercises essentially mean nothing if you’re not eating right. Remember to make your meals colorful-about half of your plate should be fruits or vegetables. Be sure to choose lean protein like poultry, seafood, eggs, and nuts (and if you’re vegetarian or vegan, make sure to add high-protein options to meal such as lentils, quinoa, or tofu!).

Unfortunately, a big part of having a healthy diet means cutting back on those sweets. Although giving up those cookies, cakes, and ice cream might be hard, it will make you feel better in the long run-and you could always try to make healthy versions of your favorite snack!

And as always, DRINK WATER!!


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