Here are the steps to booking a Marching Health Clinic and helping your ensemble succeed!

Choose Your FormatĀ In-Person:
  • A Marching Health clinician will spend a half-day on-site with you, your staff, and your students. The first two hours are devoted to student leadership training, the third hour is spent leading the full ensemble through Phase 1 of the workouts, and the final part of the session involves engaging the students in health discussions related to the marching arts.
  • Virtual Clinics are designed for staff and leadership students to be taught how to implement their Marching Health programs.
  • We do offer schools and ensembles the option to combine clinics to decrease the cost per group. This is an excellent option for those who have multiple schools in their district or region who have interest in our programs. It is also possible to do this virtually with schools who may not be geographically nearby, but have similar program goals and needs.

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