Marching Health

High School Marching Bands

We help marching bands improve physical endurance, mental resilience, and perform their best!

MH-15: Our 15-Minute Marching Band Workout:

  • Our flagship program has helped over 200 marching bands across the United States, including multiple Bands of America Finalists and State Champions.
  • This three-phase program meets your band at the level of the most sedentary student, and progresses your group throughout the season to meet the physical demands of their show.
  • It is designed to replace time lost doing out-dated stretching routines, and give bands a strong foundation of fitness and movement skills.
  • The warmups and workouts will be completed during the first 15 minutes of each rehearsal throughout the season.
  • Each days’ workout alternates a different skill and component of fitness required for modern marching band, including mobility, balance, postural endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and breath control.
  • We teach your student leadership team to run the full workout system, so staff doesn’t have to!
  • Book a live in-person or virtual clinic for us to teach your band how to run this system, and reach new levels of performance.
Would you like access to our digital teaching modules of “MH-15” – our 15-minute marching band workout? Click here to get the PDF and all three phase progressions of videos for only $549, and take your marching band to the next level.