What is it?

We do in-person and virtual clinics to teach your staff and students how to perform and implement our marching-specific workouts and health guidelines for your program. We serve marching bands, drumlines, color guards, winter winds, and drum corps. Our summer marching band tour has booked out every year we have existed!!!

Who is it for?

Our clinics are for marching bands, winter ensembles, and drum corps who are ready to take their group to the next level and need better physical preparation and conditioning to do so. We teach your student leadership team to run our programs independently as an opportunity to develop their communication and motivational skills, and give the staff one less task to do during rehearsal.

Why does it exist?

We were frustrated seeing performers and ensembles struggle to reach their potential due to a lack of proper physical conditioning, and preventable injuries and health issues plaguing their rehearsals. We knew we had to do something about this if the marching arts were going to continue to be a safe and exciting activity for young people. The results have been unanimous. Directors and students are floored by the progress they are making in both their personal health and their performance on the field.

How can I schedule one for my program?

Directors, staff, and boosters may fill out our contact form below.

Can we combine the clinic with other groups?

Yes, we have done multi-group clinics to help each group offset the cost and provide a high level of education to a larger audience. Please indicate this in your contact form if this is something you are interested in pursuing.