Marching Health


Are you tired of seeing too many marching band students sitting out of rehearsal due to preventable injuries or poor physical endurance? Are your students failing to perform their show at a high level due to physical limitations? Is a lack of mental resilience holding your band back from reaching their potential?

You are not alone! We have helped more than 200 marching bands, drum corps, and winter ensembles overcome these challenges, and excel after implementing our programs. Our custom marching-specific physical and mental workout systems are the solution, and a live clinic is your next step!

What is a Marching Health Clinic?

We do in-person and virtual clinics to teach your staff and students how to perform and implement our marching-specific workouts, movement systems, and health guidelines for your band program. We teach your student leadership team and full band our 15-minute marching band Workout, Fit15, a one-of-a-kind program that meets the physical demands of modern marching arts and fits efficiently into your rehearsal schedule.

Who is it for?

Our clinics are for marching bands, winter ensembles, and drum corps who are ready to take their group to the next level, and need better physical preparation, mental skills, and fitness in order to do so. We teach your student leadership team to run our “Fit15” system independently as an opportunity to develop their communication and motivational skills. This gives your leaders a tangible way to build their leadership skills and get buy-in from their peers, and also allow your staff another 15 minutes to prepare for rehearsal. If you want a stronger band and stronger student leaders, this clinic is for you.

Why does it exist?

The idea for Marching Health began to form in 2015. At that time, Elliot Cleveland was the drumline instructor for the Wando High School Marching Band while also getting his doctorate in physical therapy at the Medical University of South Carolina. During that band camp, Wando frequently had as many as 20 students sitting out of rehearsal due to poor physical preparation and resilience.

After that season, Elliot worked with the Wando directors and staff to create a workout and injury prevention program that took 15 minutes or less of each rehearsal. By next band camp, no more than two students sat out – a 95% change from the previous year. Since then, the “15-Minute Marching Band Workout” has been used successfully by over 200 band programs across the country.

How can I schedule a clinic for my program? Directors, staff, and boosters may fill out our contact form below. Move quickly, though! Our summer national clinic tour has booked out every year we have existed!

Can we combine the clinic with other schools?

Yes, we have done multi-school and school district clinics to help each group offset the cost and provide a higher level of education to a larger audience. Please indicate this in your contact form if this is something you are interested in pursuing.

Do you have a Band Director Professional Development Track?

Yes, school districts all across the country are utilizing our Band Director Professional Development track to help their directors have improved physical and mental health resources, more in-depth marching movement education, and stronger executive leadership skills. We help band directors by creating a professional development curriculum that is practical to their needs as educators, and fills in content gaps that may not have been part of their higher education degree program.

What does a collaboration clinic look like?

We have collaboration clinics with sport psychologists, movement clinicians, student leadership experts, and band director mentors. Our clinic teaching partners are experts in their niche, and we combine skills in order to make the greatest impact on both staff and students. These clinics are typically done for multiple schools or entire school districts, and have band director and student leadership learning tracks.