Eating your best at a WGI Competition

WGI weekends are full of travel, excitement, amazing performances….and less than amazing food options! Eating greasy concessions and fast food, and snacking on vending machine treats can leave us feeling weighed down and exhausted–absolutely not what we want when trying to rock our show!

Here are 3 ways to eat your best on a WGI weekend.

1. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Choose water or sports drinks on competition days. These will keep you hydrated and replenish your electrolytes (electrolytes leave your body through sweat, and you’ll probably be doing that a lot!). Being hydrated means feeling alert, energized, and ready to go. Avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee and pop–these drinks actually dehydrate you! Plus, caffeine may give us a quick energy boost, but it makes us feel sluggish and jittery later in the day, making it hard to focus.

2. Pack Your Own Snacks

Follow the Boy Scout motto and “Be Prepared”. Pack your own nutritious snacks to take with you during the day and munch on whenever you’re hungry: apples, peanut butter crackers, craisins, trail mix, string cheese–pack nutritious snacks that travel well and will keep you full and focused. Feeling really motivated? You can even pack an entire lunch or dinner to take on the road. What a great way to avoid standing in line at the concessions stand!

3. Aim For Balanced Meals

When concessions and fast food are unavoidable, maximize your meal by aiming to eat all five food groups: grains, protein, fruits, vegetables, and dairy! More food groups = more nutrients! Pay special attention to fruits and vegetables, which are often the easiest to skip, but provide us with essential vitamins and minerals—a must for performing your best! You may even want to bring your own favorite fruits and veggies with you to eat with your concession-stand pizza!

Ideas for well-balanced meals at fast-food restaurants:

McDonalds: Cheeseburger with side salad and apple slices

Chick-Fil-A: Grilled chicken salad with milk, fries, and a fruit cup

Subway: Ham & cheese on wheat with veggies, side of applesauce

From Scholastic to Independent, center snare to rifle line, eating your best will help you perform your best! To all performers out there, best of luck!

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