The Lunch Line Stretchlist

A 4-hour rehearsal block will make any performer hungry, and the wait in the lunch line can seem to last forever. Why not put that time to use? All these stretches can be done while standing on a sidewalk or curb and will help you recover for the next block!🕛👍

1. Buddy Lat Stretch

This one stretches the latissimus dorsi muscle. Grab a buddy, grab hands, and sit your hips back until you feel a stretch down your sides. Bonus: It also helps decompress your spine a bit! Drummers and guard members especially will love this one!🚩🥁

The pectoral muscles in your chest area are some of the most commonly tight muscles among drum corps and marching band performers. To stretch them out, grab a buddy, put a hand on each other’s shoulders, and turn your chests away until you feel the stretch. Keep the shoulders down (no shrugging!) and the thumb up. You should feel it in your chest, not your shoulder!👍

3. Standing Glute Stretch

This one’s a little tricky. The easiest way to stretch your glutes is in a seated position, but we gotta keep that line moving! To stretch them standing, Cross your left foot over your right, then reach your right hip further to your right until you feel a stretch. Hinge forward at the hips to increase the stretch. Make sure to hit both sides!🍑

4. Standing Hamstring Stretch

After a few hours on your feet rehearsing drill, few things feel better than a good hamstring stretch! Reach one foot forward with a straight knee and push those hips back until you feel a stretch on the back of your thigh. Make sure you’re bending at the hips, NOT rounding your back!

This is a great one for drummers and hornline members especially! Get into a wide stance and drop your hips down, prying your knees apart with your hands or elbows. This one will stretch the adductors, which are the muscles in your groin area. To focus on one side, try dropping a shoulder down and rotating your chest left or right.🥋

6. Standing Quad Stretch

Chances are you’ve seen this classic stretch before! Simply kick one leg back and grab it with your hand. Keep your knees together and your torso upright. For extra special stretch, try squeezing your glutes and pushing your hip forward into the stretch. Hold onto a buddy if you need some extra balance help!⚖️

7. Curb Calf Stretch

Simple and effective! Just find a curb and drop one heel down until you feel a nice calf stretch. Try bending your knee to put the stretch in another muscle. This one feels sooo gooood!😊

There ya have it! Spend 30 seconds on each stretch and you’ll finish the sequence in about 6 minutes, leaving you just enough time left over to contemplate how delicious that taco salad is going to be…🌮🥙

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